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What is an OpenCeiling LED Skyceiling?

Bring the outside inside

The OpenCeiling is a stunningly realistic virtual skylight. By combining high-resolution images of nature with daylight balanced LED lighting, the OpenCeiling brings the positive aspects from nature from the outside, inside. The OpenCeiling is ideal for false- & suspended ceilings but can be installed in or under any ceiling type.

1. Daylight LED

OpenCeilings develops its own ultra efficient LED panels with a daylight balanced color temperature. Thanks to the so-called ‘edge-lit’ technology, our panels are ultra-thin and offer 100% uniform lighting. We supply our LED panels with a very reliable, dimmable and vibration-free LED adapter.

2. Photopanel

The visible part of an OpenCeiling is the photopanel. We work with professional photographers to create razor-sharp designs and do not use stock photos that appear grainy and blurry when enlarged. Choose from our extensive image library to match the design to your interior.

3. OpenFrame

The OpenFrame ensures that the illuminated photo panel is recessed a few cm in the suspended ceiling. Because the OpenFrame fits seamlessly into any suspended ceiling grid, a 3D structure of a skylight frame is simulated.

OpenCeilings advantages & applications

  • Very easy & fast installation

  • Create the pleasant experience of daylight in any dark or windowless room

  • Narrow or confined spaces get a more spacious and open feeling

  • Ultra efficient LED panels (13 Watt)

  • Designed and made in The Netherlands

  • Standard (DALI and/or 0-10V) dimmable. Smart lighting controls optional.

OpenCeilings Installations