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OpenCeilings in Healthcare

Nature. Light. Space. Biophilic design.

The LED cloud ceilings from OpenCeilingsĀ® add several positive elements to any care interior and contribute to the creation of a Healing Environment. A daylight experience is offered, a pleasant, calming and natural environment in which the client is central.

LED Wolkenplafond Haga Ziekenhuis.
Wolkenplafond ziekenhuis.

Advantages and applications of OpenCeilings in healthcare

  • Provides positive distraction during painful or stressful treatments

  • Contributes to a pleasant working environment for both doctor and staff

  • Improves the waiting experience in waiting and reception areas

  • Makes the healthcare environment unique and distinctive

  • Narrow spaces are given an open and more spacious character

  • Provides a daylight experience in dark or indoor spaces

A small selection from more than 600 installations in healthcare settings across 20 countries

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