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OpenCeilings: Hospitality and Wellness

Daylight. Nature. Design. Health.

The high quality LED cloud ceilings from OpenCeilings ™ add several positive elements to any space. Our combination of daylight and razor-sharp photos of nature creates a realistic view of a skylight.

Advantages of OpenCeilings in Hospitality & Wellness

  • Wellness facilities and relaxation areas are positively influenced by the soothing effects of OpenCeilings.

  • With OpenCeilings it is possible to exercise indoors in fitness and sports centers with the feeling of being outside.

  • In hotels, receptions, meeting rooms, rooms and communal areas are provided with a personal touch by OpenCeilings, a corporate identity can be emphasized in the design and a feeling of openness is created in the space concerned.

  • OpenCeilings give bars and restaurants a natural look and indoor or dark spaces are provided with a daylight experience.

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