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Our circadian lighting solution: DynamicDaylight

Experience the natural rhythm of the day with our Human Centric Lighting solution.

Our DynamicDaylight LED panels automatically adjust the color and intensity of light according to the time of day. This combination of biodynamic LED lighting with our natural, high-resolution photo panels thus supports the human body's natural circadian rhythm in any space. DynamicDaylight is available for both ceiling and wall installations.

1. Circadian LED Lighting

OpenCeilings develops its own DynamicDaylight panels that automatically change color and intensity throughout the day, with a color spectrum from 2700K to 6500K and intensity from 0 to 100%. The automatic circadian scene will suit the needs of most people but our panels can be controlled and configured in more detail using the free Casambi app.

2. Photopanel

The visible part of our DynamicDaylight solution is the photopanel. We work with professional photographers to create razor-sharp designs and do not use stock photos that appear grainy and blurry when enlarged. Choose from our extensive image library to match the design to your interior.

3. OpenFrame

The OpenFrame ensures that the DynamicDaylight panel is recessed a few centimeters into the ceiling, fitting seamlessly into any ceiling grid to mimic a 3D skylight frame structure. For virtual window installations, the OpenFrame functions as a window frame.

Our DynamicDaylight solution:

  • Pre-programmed, automatic adjustments to mimic sunrise and sunset for a plug-and-play, human-centric lighting solution

  • The combination of razor sharp and realistic natural images with our biodynamic lighting to connect people to the outside world.

  • Control via the free Casambi app or our wireless and batteryless wall switch.

  • Connected via a stable and secure Bluetooth mesh network. No WIFI needed for installation or lighting control

  • Designed and made in The Netherlands