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OpenCeilings in offices


Daylight. Creativity. Design. Productivity.

Today’s times increasingly require a creative, flexible and inspiring work environment for staff and management. However, nobody is waiting for a major renovation that only distracts from the focus on the work that has to be done.

But who says that a major renovation is necessary to provide the office environment with a new and fresh impulse?
An LED daylight ceiling from OpenCeilings® creates a new working environment in an instant. The ‘Plug & Play’ diskettes combine LED lighting, photo panels and a 3D framework in one module! Easy to install in any system ceiling.

Advantages and applications of OpenCeilings in offices

  • In the workplace, OpenCeilings contribute to the creation of a productive work environment

  • OpenCeilings give your reception areas a unique look

  • OpenCeilings create creative and inspiring meeting rooms

  • For a daylight experience in dark and indoor spaces

  • Your interior will get a completely new look

  • Narrow spaces are given an open and more spacious character

A small selection from 500 installations in office settings across 20 countries

Would you like to know more about the possibilities? Please contact us.