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(Interior) Architects & Project Designers

Daylight. Design. New construction. Renewal.

Whether for new construction or renovation: OpenCeilings® are very easy to include in any decision.

The unique and distinctive features of an OpenCeiling can be just the missing piece of design to bring in the project, or the first step to introduce a new project in an original way.

Easy to install and flexible in design expressions so that the user is central at all times. By using daylight lamps in combination with the window effect that the OpenCeiling creates, our application is also extremely suitable for a daylight experience in dark and indoor spaces.

We unburden and deliver everything ‘Plug & Play’!

Possible settings for OpenCeilings

  • Hospitals, clinics, practices and health centers

  • Offices

  • Catering establishments

  • Sports and fitness centers

  • Hotels

  • Shops and shopping centers

  • Spa and Wellness facilities

Would you like to know more about the possibilities? Please contact us.