Photo Ceiling

A photo ceiling is of added value in every conceivable space. Our lighting solution adds daylight, space and nature to your environment and is a real eye-catcher. At OpenCeilings we have developed high-quality photo ceilings that are easy to use in a suspended ceiling. Photo ceilings add a distinctive design to your environment and create an open character. Would you like more information about OpenCeilings photo ceilings? Surf through our site for all information.

High resolution designs

A photo ceiling is a combination of daylight LED lighting, a seamless framework and a high resolution photo panel. We work with top national and international photographers. Because we do not use stock photos but only razor-sharp photos from our own management, we can print in large format without sacrificing quality. Over the years we have developed a large database with fresh designs. For your photo ceiling you can choose from different skies, natural elements and elements such as airplanes or hot air balloons. Because the photo ceilings can easily be fitted with new photo panels, you can change them when you need them. That way you can vary the atmosphere in your room in every season. On this page you will find an overview of the different designs per format. Do you have other wishes or would you like to use your own photo? Our team of designers is ready to develop your ideal photo ceiling in consultation with you.

Dimmable LED panels

The photo ceilings from OpenCeilings are equipped with very efficient daylight LED panels that have been specially developed on the basis of our many years of experience. The LED panels consume only 12 Watts per panel, have 50,000 burning hours and are also supplied with a dimmable driver so that, if desired, you can determine the light intensity yourself by connecting it to a dimming system.

Plug and Play

  • Photo ceilings are easy to apply in any suspended ceiling
  • Photo ceilings consist of compact modules that have been developed according to the ‘Plug and Play’ principle
  • The modules are easy to install using our installation manual
  • Use the checklist to make an inventory of the application of the Plug & Play model photo ceiling in three simple steps

Photo ceiling demo case

Are you convinced? Request a free quote via our website. Would you first like to experience the high resolution photo panel in combination with our uniform lighting and seamless frame? Which can! We work with demo cases that we can send to you. The demo case contains a photo ceiling panel from OpenCeilings that gives you a good idea of ​​the high quality of our system. In peace you can discover what a photo ceiling will add to your space.

View the project portfolio

A photo ceiling is extremely suitable for use in various markets, including the Healthcare, Office, Retail and Dental market. You can find inspiration about the possibilities on the various sector pages on our website. In addition, a selection of project photos of our photo ceilings can be viewed on our portfolio page.

Do you have any questions?

Do you have a question or would you like more information about a photo ceiling without any obligation? You can contact us in various ways via our contact page. We are ready to answer all your questions.