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Cloud Ceiling

A cloud ceiling is a true addition to any room. The OpenCeilings motto is “Bring the outside inside”. With this we indicate that we bring all the good from the outside in with our cloud ceilings. Daylight, space and nature are added to your environment by our daylight LED panels in combination with high resolution photo panels. Cloud ceilings are easy to apply in any suspended ceiling. On this page we provide you with more information about OpenCeilings cloud ceilings.

Add positivity and daylight to your space

A cloud ceiling adds daylight, natural elements and the simulation of space to your environment. The daylight LED lighting that OpenCeilings uses is calibrated to optimally simulate the simulation of daylight. The LED panels consume only 12 Watts and have 50,000 burning hours. In addition, they are equipped with dimmable drivers with which you can determine the brightness of the lighting yourself. If desired, you can connect the cloud ceiling to a dimming system and thus flexibly create the right atmosphere in your room.

High resolution photo panels

A cloud ceiling largely owes its appearance to the photo panel. That is why we only use high resolution photos, taken by top professional photographers. All photos have been carefully selected by us based on various criteria. They are suitable for large format prints without losing any quality or sharpness. Curious about the designs you can choose from? On this page you will find our favorite designs from our database. It may of course be that you have other wishes with regard to the design of your cloud ceiling. In that case, our design team is ready to develop a custom design.

Various sizes to suit your space

  • Cloud ceilings are produced in two different sizes
  • Our square panels measure 60cm x 60cm and our WIDE panels measure 120cm x 60cm
  • Depending on your space and the existing system ceiling, the square or elongated cloud ceilings will be best reflected
  • Do you not have a suspended ceiling? That doesn’t mean it isn’t possible to add a cloud ceiling to your space. Contact us by filling in the contact form and describe your space
  • If necessary, add photos so that we can make an impression of the possibilities for you

How do you install a cloud ceiling?

Cloud ceilings are easy to apply in any suspended ceiling. Based on our extensive experience, we have developed a ‘Plug & Play’ model that can be used in your space without renovation. We supply OpenCeilings cloud ceilings as compact modules. They can be installed in a short time using our installation manual. Are you unsure whether your suspended ceiling meets the right requirements? We have a handy checklist that you can use to make the inventory yourself. This can be downloaded from our website, just like our installation manual. We can of course provide you with additional information by telephone or e-mail.


Get Our Demo Case Free Demo Case

It is difficult to convey the ‘wow’ effect of the OpenCeiling well in photos. That is why we offer a free service to order an OpenCeilings Demo LED Panel. We will send you a demo case without obligation (and completely free of charge) so that you can experience the quality yourself. After your evaluation, we will of course collect the suitcase from you!