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Hospitality & Wellness

Bring the outside inside

OpenCeilings: Hospitality and Wellness

Daylight. Nature. Design. Health.

The high quality LED cloud ceilings from OpenCeilings ™ add several positive elements to any space. Our combination of daylight and razor-sharp photos of nature creates a realistic view of a skylight. Easily applicable in any type of suspended ceiling.

Plug & Play with a personal touch

Unburdening is our top priority. That is why we supply the OpenCeilings ‘Plug and Play’. This means that we assemble the various parts of an OpenCeiling in advance into compact modules that can easily be placed in the system ceiling. Based on our checklist / installation manual, the installation should not be a problem. If necessary, we work together with a large network of installers who can be hired.

Our designs are produced in collaboration with various professional top photographers. From restaurants to fitness centers, from spas and wellness facilities to a cocktail bar. We can deliver a perfectly fitting design for every conceivable space.

Advantages and applications of OpenCeilings in hospitality & wellness

  • Wellness facilities and relaxation areas are positively influenced by the soothing effects of OpenCeilings.
  • With OpenCeilings it is possible to exercise indoors in fitness and sports centers with the feeling of being outside.
  • In hotels, receptions, meeting rooms, rooms and communal areas are provided with a personal touch by OpenCeilings, a corporate identity can be emphasized in the design and a feeling of openness is created in the space concerned.
  • OpenCeilings give bars and restaurants a natural look and indoor or dark spaces are provided with a daylight experience.

Why choose OpenCeilings

The number 1 supplier in Europe

OpenCeilings has been the largest supplier of photo ceilings, cloud ceilings and sky ceilings in Europe since 2010. Only with the best quality!

OpenCeilings panels do not mirror

One of the important features of OpenCeilings is that they do not mirror. Our unique way of printing creates photo panels that light up perfectly without mirroring.


High Resolution Photography

OpenCeilings works with top photographers from all over the world. “High Resolution Large Format Photography” guarantees razor-sharp designs.

Compact LED 'Plug and Play' system

The LED ‘Plug and Play’ model from OpenCeilings is very easy to install in a ceiling. There is a choice of dimmable and non-dimmable variant.

Our clients can relax in the recovery room and come out of the waiting room a lot more relaxed


Get Our Demo Case Free Demo Case

It is difficult to convey the ‘wow’ effect of the OpenCeiling well in photos. That is why we offer a free service to order an OpenCeilings Demo LED Panel. We will send you a demo case without obligation (and completely free of charge) so that you can experience the quality yourself. After your evaluation, we will of course collect the suitcase from you!