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Bring the outside inside

OpenCeilings Dental Care

Daylight. Extra LUX. Design. Healing Environment.

The high quality LED cloud ceilings from OpenCeilings ™ add several positive elements to any treatment room or waiting area. Choose a favorite design and make the care environment unique and distinctive. Very easy to install without having to close the practice.

High resolution photo panels and economical LED lighting™

Despite the fact that a suspended ceiling has practical properties, it does not contribute to the creation of a calm and healing environment. The LED cloud ceilings from OpenCeilings do that with their natural and calming properties.

OpenCeilings has developed its distinctive LED lighting itself. The LED panels consume only 12 Watts and are equipped with vibration-free drivers.

Our extensive database with professional photos (no stock photos!) Has something for everyone. In addition, we have a design team ready to fulfill special requests.

It is not without reason that OpenCeilings has been the best party in Europe for years. Our experienced lighting consultant will be happy to visit you on location to further explain the distinctive character and to show a demo panel.

Advantages of OpenCeilings

  • Clinical spaces are transformed into natural environments
  • Provides positive distraction for your patient during painful or stressful treatments
  • Contributes to a pleasant working environment for specialists and staff
  • Improves the waiting experience in waiting and reception areas
  • Makes the healthcare environment in the dental practice unique and distinctive
  • Narrow spaces are given an open and more spacious character
  • Provides a daylight experience in the treatment room

Why choose OpenCeilings

The number 1 supplier in Europe

OpenCeilings has been the largest supplier of photo ceilings, cloud ceilings and sky ceilings in Europe since 2010. Only with the best quality!

OpenCeilings panels do not mirror

One of the important features of OpenCeilings is that they do not mirror. Our unique way of printing creates photo panels that light up perfectly without mirroring.


High Resolution Photography

OpenCeilings works with top photographers from all over the world. “High Resolution Large Format Photography” guarantees razor-sharp designs.

Compact LED 'Plug and Play' system

The LED ‘Plug and Play’ model from OpenCeilings is very easy to install in a ceiling. There is a choice of dimmable and non-dimmable variant.

The professional lighting advice enabled me to apply an OpenCeiling in my practice and create the right light color for my space


Get Our Demo Case Free Demo Case

It is difficult to convey the ‘wow’ effect of the OpenCeiling well in photos. That is why we offer a free service to order an OpenCeilings Demo LED Panel. We will send you a demo case without obligation (and completely free of charge) so that you can experience the quality yourself. After your evaluation, we will of course collect the suitcase from you!