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What is an OpenCeiling?

A cloud ceiling for every room

The OpenCeiling ™ is a photographic illusion of a skylight. By combining high-resolution photos with LED daylight lighting, the pleasant ‘outdoor feeling’ can be brought into every room.

The OpenCeiling ™ is supplied Plug & Play and can be installed in any suspended ceiling in a jiffy.


1. Daylight LED

OpenCeilings ™ develops its own LED panels with daylight lighting. Thanks to the so-called ‘edge-lit’ technology, our panels are ultra-thin and offer 100% uniform lighting. We supply our LED panels with a very reliable, dimmable and vibration-free Meanwell adapter.

2. Photo panel

The visible part of an OpenCeiling is the photo panel. We work with professional photographers to create razor-sharp designs and do not use stock photos that appear grainy and blurry when enlarged.

3. OpenFrame

The OpenFrame ensures that the illuminated photo panel is recessed a few cm in the suspended ceiling. Because the OpenFrame fits seamlessly into any suspended ceiling grid, a 3D structure of a skylight frame is simulated.


Square and elongated panels

We offer OpenCeilings with the standard dimensions 60cm x 60cm and 60cm x 120cm. Both versions are very easy to install in a suspended ceiling.

60cm x 60cm panels
The square panels OpenCeilings can be used in a standard suspended ceiling with the dimensions 60cm x 60cm, but also in a suspended ceiling with the dimensions 60cm x 120cm. In a system ceiling of 60cm x 120cm, a grid of 60cm x 60cm can easily be created by means of an ‘intermediate profile’.

60cm x 120cm WIDE panels
In addition to the square panels, we also supply WIDE panels. These panels have the dimensions 60cm x 120cm and come into their own in ceilings with elongated panels.

Specifications OpenCeilings

LED Panel™

Photo Panel


Plug and Play


Get Our Demo Case Free Demo Case

It is difficult to convey the ‘wow’ effect of the OpenCeiling well in photos. That is why we offer a free service to order an OpenCeilings Demo LED Panel. We will send you a demo case without obligation (and completely free of charge) so that you can experience the quality yourself. After your evaluation, we will of course collect the suitcase from you!